Zoo Miami Foundation Everglades Campaign

Benefiting: Zoo Miami Foundation
Hosted by:Zoo Miami Foundation
Goal: $10,000
$126 4

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There is an old saying that states, “We have not inherited this earth from our parents; we are borrowing it from our children.” As we get ready to celebrate the 47th annual Earth Day, these words have never had more meaning. With increasing pressures on our limited natural resources, we have to work harder to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy those resources which are so important to our quality of life.  


Please join me in making a commitment to help preserve the Earth’s wildlife and its fragile habitats by making a donation to Zoo Miami Foundation.


Inspiring others to care about our world’s wildlife and the need to protect it for future generations is what it is all about. Get involved—donate, mentor, volunteer, spread the word through social media. Your continued support, in whatever way you can provide it, is appreciated more than words can say.


Keepin’ it Wild,  

Ron Magill

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